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Private Tumbling Lessons

Book a private tumbling lesson with one of our instructors.  

Cost is $30.00+GST for a 30 minute private lesson (one athlete, one coach) 




Private Stunt Lessons

We now offer private stunt lessons for stunt groups and for flyers.  Open to ages 3 and up.  Stunt lessons are $30.00+GST for a 30 minute lesson.


Stunt groups wishing to book private stunt lessons must book with a full group.  Examples of eligible stunt groups are:

1) A quad group: one flyer, two bases and a backspot.

2) A quad group with a front spot: one flyer, two bases, a backspot and a front spot.

3) A co-ed pair: one base, one flyer.

4) A "two man" group: two bases and a flyer.

groups of more than 5 (and up to 7) people wil be charged a $10.00/person/lesson up-charge. Groups of 8 or more must book as two seperate stunt groups.


For Private Flyer lessons, Flyers must BOOK ONLINE CLICK HERE. Flyers must have some previous flying experience.

If you book a group of 5 please contact the RCA office by emailing or speak with a RCA staff to book.

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